10 parts of you body ,You shouldn’t forget to protct from the sunburn

Pierre-Louis Ferrer,An excellent photographer Ever since 2012, he has been working on UV shooting techniques that could be applied to people to reveal the impact of the environment left on their skins


The pictures Shows that the sun damages everyone’s skin. doesn’t matter what race you are, the sun will cause damage.

In order to protect your body from UV damage, you should take a look at the sunscreen tips shown in the picture.

So let’s check it

Sunscreen – the foundation of sun protection

It is best to develop the habit of applying sunscreen all year round. Even if you use a parasol and wear a sunscreen, you can’t omit the sunscreen. In general, office workers choose SPF15, PA+ products for sun protection index.

Umbrellas – an important tool for sun protection

Sunscreen must be “blocked”, such as indoors, parasols or sun protection. In general, in terms of the ability to resist ultraviolet rays, parasols are superior to sunscreen clothing, and sunscreen clothing is superior to sunscreen shawls.

Dark long pants

When going out, if you don’t have a parasol, you can wear dark long trousers. The thin translucent sunscreen garments on the market are made of anti-ultraviolet treated microporous fibers, which not only have sunscreen effect, but also have moisture wicking properties, suitable for summer wear. Experts advise that it is best to buy sunscreen clothing that indicates clothing materials and sun protection index. In general, the higher the acrylic fiber content in the fabric, the higher the UPF index and the better the sun protection.

Sunglasses & sunhat

In addition, sunglasses and sun hats are also essential sun protection products. Gray lenses have the best sun protection effect. The larger the area that the hat can cover, the better the sun protection effect.

5 Kinds of people who need extra protection from the sun

Everyone is sensitive to ultraviolet light. However the degree of sunburn may vary based on skin type, age, and other factors. While some people may be just slightly burned due to sun exposure, others may experience erythema and peeling under the same degree and length of sun exposure. Dermatologists and experts in skin studies suggest that the following five categories of people need to pay special attention to sun protection.

A fair-skinned person

The whiter the skin is, the more the people should pay heed to sun protection. This is because people with light skin are more sensitive to sunlight and more likely to suffer from sunburn. This is one of the factors that yellow people have less chance of skin cancer than Caucasians.

A person who is easy to redden

When you are exposed to the sun and you are affected with peeling, redness, blisters, etc., it indicates that you may be extra sensitive to sunlight and need extra protection with sunscreen.

A person wearing contact lenses

A person with keratitis and wearing contact lenses is advised to prefer venturing out with sun protection. People with acne and dermatitis should not neglect to have sun protection before going out in the sun.


Children’s skin and tissue are relatively fragile making them vulnerable to have skin damage from ultraviolet light. They are also more at risk due to the fact that they spend most of their time on outdoor activities. Studies have shown that although skin cancer is more common in middle age, most people suffer from UV damage during their lifetime before the age of 18. Moreover, if there are 5 or more sunburn blistering experiences between the ages of 15 and 20, the risk of melanoma increases by 80%.

An outdoor worker

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People who stay outside for a long time, such as traffic police, construction workers, electric welders, farmers or drivers, are naturally more affected by ultraviolet rays. Especially people, whose most of the time is spent near or around the mountains, seabed, water surface, beach, concrete buildings or snow, etc., can be adversely affected by the reflected ultraviolet rays demanding extra protection from the sunlight.


When the skin has a burning sensation, erythema, peeling and even blisters, it means that you are sunburned. The quickest and most effective way after sunburn is ice. You can first rinse the sunburn with cold water, then wrap the ice in a towel and apply it to the sunburn until the skin feels comfortable.

In order to restore the skin as soon as possible after sunburn, many people try various methods, such as applying aloe vera, applying a mask, applying a face with cucumber, and so on. However, experts caution that these methods are not suitable for everyone, because some substances will further stimulate the damaged skin, aggravate the condition, and even induce local dermatitis, which is not conducive to post-sun repair. The skin has a self-healing function, and it is only necessary to wait for the skin symptoms to naturally relieve after ice application.

It should be noted that if the sunburn is serious and there is a large blisters, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment. If the blisters are not very large, you can wait for the liquid to be naturally absorbed. Do not pick it up to avoid infection.

Look at the shadow to judge the intensity of sunlight

Despite the rapid changes in UV protection products, it is still impossible to completely block the damage caused by UV rays. The first line of anti-UV measures is to avoid exposure during the period from 10 to 14 o’clock, if you go out, try to go as much as possible in the shade. Some experts have also proposed a shadow theory to remind everyone to judge the intensity of sunlight through shadows.

When you are outdoors, if the shadow is shorter than your own height and the color is darker, indicating that the ultraviolet rays are strong at this moment, you should seek shelter in the shade as soon as possible. Because the same time and distance are taken in the shade, the amount of ultraviolet radiation that the skin suffers is reduced by 70% compared to sunlight.

In addition, experts reminded that it is best to check the UV index before going out. If the UV index is above 5, it means moderate UV, and it will be injured in the sun for 30 minutes.


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