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Are there any advantages in ordering bulk backpacks?

There is always dilemma among the parents who shop for backpacks and other school supplies. Whether they should order the school backpacks for girls from a retail store or from a wholesale store. There are lots of discussions on the pros and cons of each method. So if you too are confused how to go about buying the school supplies for your kids here are few insights that would help you decide.

The first and the most important advantage that makes most people opt for a wholesaler is the cost savings. When you go for bulk backpacks you are automatically reducing the cost per piece. This is going to be one of the best ways of brining your expenses on school supplies. The glitch however here is that you need to stretch your budget a bit. Does it sound like a contradiction? It does but this is how it works. Wholesalers do not sell these items in retail quantities. In order to obtain the school supplies at heavily discounted wholesale prices you will need to order them in large quantities. You will need to meet the minimum order quantity. If you fail to meet the minimum order quantity you cannot enjoy the wholesale prices. True wholesalers do not sell below this minimum order quantity. In most wholesale stores the minimum order quantity is at least one full case of the product you are ordering. For example if you choose to order backpacks then a full case of backpacks will have 24 pieces.

Before you order your backpacks in wholesale stores decide how you are going to use them and what you are going to do with the surplus. This is where the other advantages of ordering backpacks come in. the surplus could be safely stored for the subsequent years as these bags are not going to perish in any way as long as you store them in clean and dry places. This is going to help you save a lot of time year after year as you are not required to go through the long and tedious shopping process every year. Moreover, you will also not have to worry even if the prices of these school supplies is going to increase because you would have secured your prices and it is not going to increase for you any more as long as your stock lasts.

Further to that if you do not want to store so many backpacks for future use, you can part with few of them by selling it to parents who are interested in buying them from you. It is possible to make some money in such transactions. So go ahead and try your hand on becoming a reseller of school supplies. This does not require any huge investment. You are anyway going to buy these school supplies for your kids. Spend few extra dollars and get them at wholesale prices. Your investment will bring excellent returns in just few weeks.

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