Baby Clothing Trends in 2020

Looking for something fancy for your little one? Well, it’s only four months into 2020, and so, you can still get some of those cute clothing pieces for your baby. Whether you’re out to get a cute dress for your little princess or a nice baby suit for your little man, the bubs shops have something good in store for you. You can get trendy newborn boys clothes for your baby boy, or some fashionable dresses for your girl. 

So, what’s there to choose from? From colourful dresses made of rich fabrics to bright coloured rompers, there’s a piece for every newborn. Just to give you a hint of what the market has in store, let’s take a look at these baby clothing trends. 

  1. Marvel Baby Boy 5 Pack Bodysuits

Want your little man to look like a superhero? Well, you should get these marvel onesies. The set comes with 5 adorable bodysuits with prints of the famous spider-man, iron man, Captain America, and Batman. All in one pack. Well, your baby boy might not yet have an idea about these incredible prints common with most children, but you’ll be happy to see them in this outfit. Plus, it’s what every parent is having their babywear during this season. So, you just have to keep up with the trend. 

These amazing suites feature lap shoulders with three-snap closures so that it’s easier for the parent to get the baby dressed within a few minutes. The good thing is that they come in both bright and dull colours. So, there’s a piece for every occasion. If you want the little one to accompany you to the party, then you’ve got the shouting colour for the occasion. 

  1. Touched By Nature Unisex Organic Cotton Gowns

For those parents looking for something that’s neither a onesie nor a romper, this would be the best outfit. The good thing is that they’re suitable for all newborns -both boys and girls.

The set comes with three gowns in various colours, patterns, and designs. These pieces are made of 100% organic cotton and feel soft to the touch. 

Additionally, the gowns are gentle and comfortable on the baby’s skin so that the little one doesn’t experience any kind of irritation. Also, the fabric used to make these gowns have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the clothes don’t react with the baby’s skin. You can let your baby wear them every day, but in case your baby sleeps in a warm room, you may not need to dress them in these gowns. They’re long-sleeved, and so, tend to keep the baby pretty warm. 

These organic gowns are great outfits for winter. They do better than the baby blankets. So, in case your baby doesn’t feel comfortable wrapped in a heavy blanket, you can dress them in this gown and cover them in a light blanket. 

  1. Hudson Baby Girl Dress – Best Cute Baby Dresses

If there’s a time to get your little girl dressed in cute dresses it’s this time. Hudson has some nice deals for you. The little dresses are made of 100% organic cotton that soft on touch and gentle on the baby’s skin. The dresses are made of high-quality fabric so that you get the value for your money. 

The dresses feature snap closures so that it’s easier for the parent to dress the baby. The dresses come in a set of 17 colours to choose from. The pack includes a dress, cardigan, and a pair of shoes perfectly blended to make the baby look great in the outfit. The set is affordable, and so, you can have all these items all at once. 

With so many colours to choose from, you’ve got a dress for every occasion. So, you can always check what’s available. You can get as many as pieces as you want. Your dresses are machine-washable, and so, you can throw them in with other clothes. As for the shoes, spot cleaning is enough to keep them sparkling.

  1. Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Bodysuits 

If you’d like some unique bodysuits for your little one, then these pieces would be the best options. They’re made of rich cotton that’s free from chemical pigments that are harmful on the baby’s skin. These bodysuits feature a snap closure so that it’s easier for the parent to dress the baby. 

The pack consists of five bodysuits with more than 32 colours to choose from. During summer, you can let the baby wear them without additional clothing. They’d look great in them. They’re suitable for all newborns – both boys and girls. Since we’ve got several colours to choose from, you can get something suitable for your little princess or your baby boy.

  1. Burt’s Bee’s Baby Unisex Bodysuits

For parents who like keeping up with current trends, they shouldn’t miss out on these amazing pieces. Not only are they trending, but they’re also adorable. The pack comes with five short-sleeved bodysuits with more than 10 colours to choose from. They have a lap-shoulder design so that it easily passes over the little one’s head. Therefore, it’s a lot easier to get the baby dressed. 

These bodysuits are made of 100% organic cotton. The fabric is soft and gentle on the baby’s skin so that it doesn’t cause any kind of irritation. The fabric is also GOTS certified to take care of sensitive skin. 

If you’ve got a newborn, then it’s time to visit any bubs shop and get them something trendy to let them look great. The good thing is that we have a piece for every child, whether you’re looking for newborn girl clothes or boys’ suits. So, check it any time.

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