Dazzle Your Guests on your Wedding Day with your Glamorous Wedding Dresses

When it comes to planning a perfect wedding, you need to pay attention to every single detail. You might get so engrossed in preparing for the wedding, that you might miss out on an important aspect of your wedding, which is the fabric for your wedding dress.

Importance of Wedding Fabrics

Now you might wonder why give so much importance to fabric? As long as you wear a wedding dress, it should be fine. You are so wrong here. Selecting the right fabric for your wedding dress is crucial. External factors such as weather will make a great impact on the fabric of your wedding dresses.

If you are marrying in winter, then wearing a satin wedding gown will not serve the purpose. You need to be warm and cozy on your wedding and not an ice queen. Similarly, for summer weddings, you might want to choose light fabric.

When it comes to choosing fabrics, you need to the perfect one. Your wedding dress needs to make you feel comfortable and allow your body to breathe easily.

Fabrics for Summer and Spring Weddings

If your wedding is planned during spring and summer, you might want to look into:

  • Organza – Made from silk, it is lightweight and thin. Mostly preferred for structural dresses
  • Dotted Swiss – This is lightweight and breathable and comes with elegant dots on the fabric
  • Point D’Espirit – This is also light and airy and is mostly used foe veils
  • Batiste – This is transparent and lightweight suitable for a hot and humid day
  • Charmeuse – Soft to feel and come with a glossy finish at the front and a matte finish at the back
  • Crepe – This is a thin fabric with a crinkly surface
  • Rayon – This suits sheath or A-line dresses since it is elastic in nature
  • Tulle – Mainly used for veils as it is netted
  • Georgette – This is a lightweight fabric made from silk or polyester

Fabrics like lace can also be used for your bridal shoes. You can purchase different types of lace from stores and get them stitched onto your shoes so that they match with your wedding dress.

Fabrics for Winter Weddings

You need to choose a fabric that will keep you warm during winters. Some common fabrics that work well for winter weddings include:

  • Velvet – This gives a romantic feel during winters since it comes with a felted surface
  • Brocade – Works well with ball gown dresses as it gives a more fabled look
  • Pique – This resembles a honeycomb and will keep you warm during the winters
  • Silk or Mikado – Common choice for wedding dresses as it is quite heavy giving gowns a proper structure
  • Faille – This looks like a grosgrain ribbon with a structured and ribbed finish
  • Moire – Made from silk taffeta and polyester, gives your wedding dress an elegant look
  • Gabardine – Made from tightly woven fabrics with diagonal lines
  • Satin – Prefect for draped or structured wedding gowns
  • Taffeta – This is a versatile fabric that it made from silk or synthetic fibers


You can also get creative with your wedding fabrics. This can be a blend of traditional as well as modern designs.

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