Ever Heard of Trina Koster Photography?

Trina Koster Photography offers wide-ranging services from its base in Guelph, Canada. It serves clients from this city in Ontario. Its clients also come all the way from Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo.  These clients show up asking for portraits, headshots, and photos to capture memorable occasions such as weddings and other similar events. It takes individual and corporate portraits.

The husband and wife team of Trina and Scott Koster established Trina Koster Photography (TKP) in 1995. Since then, the company has grown to employ other equally talented and highly skilled photographers. Their team also features other expert photographers such as Jeannine Brady and Noelle O’Brien. Working as one unit, this team of perfectionist and people-oriented photographers has offered their services at hundreds of events around Canada.

The photographers are also part of the group that makes up the local community of vibrant artists at Guelph. They take an artistic approach to their work. The photography experts believe in making people the focus of their artistry. Their ability to focus on each customer’s life and story has enabled them to come up with some of the most memorable shots thus exceeding what their clients expected.

Visit Trina Koster’s website for different wedding portfolios and wedding packages. Each photographer has a portfolio displaying the mesmerizing work they have done over the years for their clients. The wedding packages also cater for the needs of different categories of clients. There is a package for each client’s needs. The main packages are A la Carte, The Intimate Package, The Essentials Package, and Into the Night Package.

The team also specializes in events photography. They cover family and corporate events. Family events that the photographers cover include family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, pre-prom parties, and bar-mitzvahs. The list of corporate events these photographers are experienced at covering includes corporate conferences, award ceremonies, anniversary parties, grand openings, AGMs, Christmas parties, and product launches among others.

Their skills do not end there but also touch on portrait photography. The portraits capture clients at their best. More importantly, each portrait presents the client’s personality properly. The photographers at Trina Koster Photography use an approach that is not only natural but also interpretive. This approach involves or requires minimal amount of posing thus making the entire experience fun and memorable for each client.

TKP’s headshots are offered at the Guelph studio. Thus far, it has offered this service to actors, musicians, models, authors, and entrepreneurs. Its headshots have also proven highly popular with online daters. The relaxed setting at the studio offers the kind of environment clients need to pose confidently for the shoot. The experience the TKP photographers have in commercial photography is second to none!

Contact Trina Koster Photography today for more information on its services.