How To Buy The Right Plus Size Activewear

When choosing activewear, it is best to choose something that has style but still does the work. Activewear can also determine how healthy your body feels when you are doing certain activities. The weight distribution and support in the body affect back, pelvic, and shoulder pain. This is why it is advisable to choose activewear that is a suitable size for your body.

When choosing activewear the first question you need to ask yourself is what purpose the garment you want to purchase serves. It could be for yoga, cycling, tennis, etc. The best choice of garments is that which keeps your body supported during the activity.

The amount of time you will be wearing it for and the number of layers covering the body are also something you should consider. Additionally, the impact and the area the sport or activity will be performed in are key factors when picking the right activewear.

Low Impact Activities

These are such as walking and cycling. Although they are considered low impact, they need to be done for a long time so having many layers is recommended. The base layer should be strong and firm while the outer layers should be comfortable and, if possible, loose.

If you’re looking for a sports bra for a low impact activity such as yoga, do not go for something uncomfortable such as an underwire. Searching for that right piece doesn’t come easy, but that’s what Elle Courbee promises. Get something with wide straps that can stretch without straining your shoulders and back. High waist leggings or Capri pants are ideal because they keep your waistband secure during the activity.

Mixed Impact Activities

These are such as gym exercises whether for fitness or recreation. These activities include the use of exercise equipment, so garments with protective lining are the best. This will prevent you from injury when doing the activities.

High Impact Sports/Activities

These are mostly sporting that involve a lot of running. They are such as football, basketball, tennis, etc. Look or bras that have additional support. A wide strap and padded one will be ideal to ensure there is no strain. Some of the best ones are those with silicon underwires. A layered vest that comes with an in-fitted sports bra is best.

Key Features to Look For

The top features you need to look for are that the garment is breathable and comfortable. The most comfortable material is cotton, so go for activewear that is made of cotton or with a cotton underlayer. Most companies have activewear that is mostly cotton and designed to be comfortable so this would not be a problem when shopping.


Make sure that you choose crop tops or sports bras with wide shoulder straps so that they can provide enough support throughout the activity. If you can find any activewear with padded straps, even better. It is advisable to choose longer tops, tops with an over layer, or those with a fitted bodysuit. This way, your body gets the best support when you’re working out.


There is a wide array of choices out there. You can take your pick from Capri pants yoga pants, leggings, or shorts. Make sure that you choose high waisted bottoms to provide support for your waistband. This way, your pants won’t keep sliding down during the activity.


Choose something that gives you as much support as you can get because what you wear underneath is the basis of all support. It is advisable to choose long bottoms to prevent chafing at the thighs when you’re doing the activity. Choose high waisted briefs with a banded waist to prevent shifting.

Cold Weather Activities

If you love outdoor activities or sports, it is best to be prepared for the colder seasons. Choose something loose fit and long to keep you warm. You do not have to change the base layers.

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