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Learn to Wear a Stylish Sweatshirts

Who created the sweatshirt?

Let us talk a little about the origin of this garment of the urban wardrobe. The sweatshirt is a piece that we consider informal and sporty; little do we imagine a casual or formal outfit with it. In addition, much less do we think about where it came from, who created it and since when it has been used.

There are different versions of the origin of the sweatshirt; some say that it dates back to the last decade of the 19th century, when it was used  by French fruit and vegetable sellers. By then they were a kind of thick sweaters that protected them from the cold. In addition, that was later used by the army  in the First World War.

In any case, it is not until the 1970s that the astroworld shirt or sweatshirt bursts into popularity with rappers, street artists and break-dancers on New York soil. Until this moment, it was used as an exclusive garment for sports. The athletes wore it during their training sessions; while the university students showed off it to protect themselves from the low temperatures.

From the streets to the catwalks

Starting in the 80s, the great fashion houses turned to look with interest on this garment to give it style, sophistication and versatility. It stops being a unique outfit for sports and begins to be part of the daily life of whoever wants to wear it.

Its confection with prints, rhinestones, sequins and other details made it a classic and essential piece in wardrobes. The use of different thicknesses of textiles and their presentations with or without a hood, allowed us to add it to the winter and summer wardrobe.

Despite this, there are still those who do not see it as an elegant garment. Much less, imagine taking her to the office, on a romantic date or a business meeting without pretending to appear younger and look informal and relaxed out of context.

Tips to wear sweatshirts

Learn to wear your sweatshirt with attitude wherever you go. There are different urban styles with which you can wear this garment without dislodging the place or the occasion.

Preppy look for men and women

The preppy style is characterized by being very clean, simple and classic with sober colors and a polite demeanor. How to make a sweatshirt look preppy?

It is simple. If you choose to wear a hoodie, wear a white collared shirt underneath. For this set to stand out, the main item must be a dark shade, such as navy blue, army green, black, or gunmetal gray. In the colder months, on top of these you wear a blazer or mid-calf coat.

You can also put on a T-shirt, over the hoodie and finally a closed blazer. Both combinations, although very masculine, are suitable for both sexes. In addition, in either case, you can wear it both with chinos or pleated pants, as well as with straight-cut jeans. You will be ready to go to the office or a meeting with a trusted client!


It is possible to look sporty without looking sloppy and having to do an exercise routine. Fashion has brought a new term and way of dressing into vogue: athleisure. A style that combines sportswear with other casual cut.

In the case of girls, they can wear their oversize sweatshirt with sequins or rhinestones with leather leggings and Adidas Gazelle sneakers in the classic black and white colors.

While boys can pair their sweatshirt with a matching jogger, sneakers in contrasting hues to match a light knit open coat when it is cold.

With this outfit, you can go shopping, meet friends and visit your family. Some go even further and include total measurements such as bust or hips to give you a better idea kanye west jesus is king merch among all the merchandises in online store.

Casual-style sweatshirts-casual-style

Thinking quickly about a casual combination with a sweatshirt for women, we almost instantly imagine skinny jeans with pumps or pumps and this garment. To that, we add an elegant cross body bag, a good makeup, high bun and sunglasses.

However, the versatility that you can achieve with a sweatshirt is so much that you can combine it with whatever you want. Midi, tube and minis skirts; jeans, capris, chinos and shorts, dresses, shirts, jackets; with sneakers or high heels.

The wonderful thing about this garment is that you can set a trend with it by infusing your combination with personality. How about a hooded sweatshirt tucked into a flowing skirt, court shoes, and high bow?

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