Liquid Gold Poppers

Liquid Gold Poppers are substance suspension of Isopropyl nitrite sold in small bottles in liquid form that produce a vapour that can be inhaled. Poppers were developed initially in the 1960’s, and have been transforming over the years but the iconic 10 ml bottle are as wonderful now as they always have been. They are sold for a price of around £3.50 a bottle, however this can vary dependant on brand.

Why Liquid Gold Poppers?

This is because they increase blood flow, open blood vessels and frequently reduce blood pressure while increasing the heart rate. They are also excellent when it comes to getting high at the same time having a good time for example they can come in handy during sex for both sexes. Poppers are also helpful in record head cleaner, boot cleaner, and nail polish remover and can be used for a range of purposes.

Where can you get poppers?

  • Online
  • Sex shops
  • Cleaning stores

Occasionally in;

  • Music stores
  • Pubs
  • Clothes shops

When using poppers it is important to be cautious as they can cause affect the following if now used according to the guidelines:

Skin, since it burns, and turns your skin crusty yellow, around the nose, mouth, and lips.

Eyesight can be affected too.

English poppers

Is made of 2 methyl propyl nitrite which makes it and a “wonder in bottle,” because it keeps on giving and giving.

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