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My little secret.  Do you want to know what it is?

It is something I am actually proud of, and something I will willingly share with you.  I have bags.  Handbags, shoulder bags, clutches, big bags, small bags.  I have bags to tote my bags I have so many.  If you glance at the names on my bags, you would think I won the lottery, married very well or have a trust fund of some sort.  Names like Chanel, for example, a brand that routinely costs upwards of a thousand dollars each.  I have four or five.  Seriously.

I have been a bag girl for a long time.  I always wanted to be stylish and have a quality bag, but I knew the prices were well outside of what I could afford.  I tried bags from department stores, but I was disappointed in the quality – they fell apart too easily.  I looked for artisan-made bags, and I thought I found my niche, until I did a bit of surfing on the Internet.

There is something to be said for the best of the best.  High fashion houses command large sums of cash, and they get what they want.  I shopped around for some time, saved my money and finally found a small Chanel clutch bag that was in my price range.  It was not new, but it was new to me.  I have long retired it for newer and better, but I still have that clutch.

Sadly, the time and expense it took me to save for this clutch was agonizing.  I gave up quite a bit to save the money. I cut corners, bought cheaper coffee and took sandwiches to work for lunch.  At this rate, I would be able to afford a full sized Chanel bag, used, in about four to five years.  Seriously.

Then I found it.  It was the perfect website.  It had everything I would want and then some.  It had Chanel.  It was Chanel Finds – a haven for high quality, replica Chanel bags and accessories.  I read over the site, checked the customer responses and placed an order.

It took time, as I thought it would.  My Chanel replica bag finally arrived.  I was pleased at how it arrived.  There was a box, bubble wrap, tissue paper and a dust jacket topping everything off.  I took my replica out of the dust jacket and was instantly in love.

Everything about the Chanel replica spoke of high fashion and sophistication.  The leather was supple, the bag had a certain heft to it, like a good designer bag should.  The lining, stitching and all of the fine details had been meticulously matched to almost absolute perfection.  There was nothing about this bag that did not please me.

Thus started my passion.  I continued shopping at Chanel Finds.  My collection of Chanel bags continued, and continues, to grow.  I have also acquired a taste for their accessories, all with that unmistakeable Chanel look and feel.

There is nothing bad I can say about the website.  Everything about what the company produces is top quality.  I plan on continuing to shop at for a long time.  Oh, I get to enjoy my coffee again as well.

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