NGO and crowdfunding platform partnerships

As a crowdfunding India platform, we at Impact Guru have come to recognize the value of collaboration and teamwork, specifically between nonprofits and crowdfunding platforms in India. Strategic alliances have benefits that go way beyond their monetary value. These include strategic communications, larger audiences, credibility, brand image, and of course increased donations. With crowdfunding being an online fundraising process, they have great online presence and reach, and have the ability to build relations in the virtual world. This article will explore the benefits of collaborations between nonprofits and crowdfunding websites.

Greater outreach to potential donors

Online fundraising platforms are a solid partnership for nonprofits because of the funds that can be made available to them. Moreover, nonprofits get a chance to multiply their donor base and effectively reach out to their target audience.

Bring fresh ideas to the table

Strategic partnerships will help bring fresh ideas to the table. This would include ideas for branding activities such as advertising, public relations, social media, and other platforms for communication. Such partnership will dramatically increase the impact that a nonprofits work can have on society.

Loyal user/customer base

A non-profit can collaborate with a crowdfunding platform to reach out to their network convert them into a stable donor base, using effective and targeted communication. Most platforms today take advantage of a community that is narrowing down everyday due to social media. For instance, there are Facebook groups dedicated to specific causes and initiative. So collaboration with a platform gives a non-profit exclusive access to a multiple communities that are facilitating change. Crowdfunding India platforms too, are heavily reliant on social media. So imagine the potential of a collaborative campaign simply through social media virality.

A chance to grow with them

With more and more people adopting online fundraising, the crowdfunding world is growing at a rampant pace. By collaborating with them, you get to grow with them, and that can take your initiatives from regional, to national, to international levels. When you are in the shadow of a company with aggressive expansion plans, you have a great opportunity to grow with them.


Collaboration between nonprofits and fundraising platforms is a symbiotic relationship that benefits both. While crowdfunding companies are able to give financial aid to more nonprofits, nonprofits can increase their impact through the financial aid. Moreover, collaborating with well known and experienced platforms increases the credibility of a nonprofits, and makes them more trustworthy in the eyes of donors.

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