Original gifts for Valentine’s Day

On this day, you can wish only one thing: pure, cloudless, tender and great love!!!

I want to offer you several options for original gifts that can be quickly made by purchasing the necessary materials. Loved ones will be very pleased with such trinkets.

You can also get interesting gifts from, so, let’s begin!

First Idea

Balloon: More Suitable As A Gift For A Girl

You will need a healthy box. You can wrap it with gift paper or, for example, buy coloured red paper and glue the box, in general, there are a lot of options for your taste. The height of the box is better not to be higher than the waist. Then you need to do something with the top cover.

For example, we will cut off 3 top covers and glue them to the remaining one, in general, so that the box lid opens only in one direction like a door. From above, we will still glue this glued lid with paper, so it’s not scary.

We attach a handle to this cover, or you can put a weight, for example, a book. Then the lid is ready. We put in the box the previously purchased gel balloons in the form of hearts, preferably of medium-size or small. That’s basically it. The balls are in the box, and the book is on the lid.

The recipient of the gift comes up, takes the book, and a cloud of balls flies out of there. Suddenly, then it’s nice, and you start screaming with delight. Hearts will float under your ceiling tonight.

Second Idea

Pillow Heart: More Suitable As A Gift For A Guy

You must buy a soft heart-shaped pillow or order it yourself. Then choose a photo that your lover likes the most or something new that he has not seen yet, and print it on the pillow. The pillow can also be beaten and decorated, for example with rhinestones or the rim can be made with lace, in general, according to your taste and colour.

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