The Experience of Buying and Owning Sapphire Rings

The tradition of wearing sapphire engagement rings used to be something limited to the various royal families across the world. Thankfully, widespread availability in the past few decades means that more people have access to these stunning blue stones. Sapphire engagement rings offer something much different than the traditional diamonds – they charm, catch the eye, look royal, and increase in value! They’re no longer mere ‘alternatives to diamonds,’ Sapphire engagement rings have a market of its own. But, not everyone capitalizes on the experience of buying and owning these rings.

The Need to Be Practical

Most buyers get carried away by boldly designed Sapphire Rings that are way too extravagant to be practical. Yes, high mounting and weight do look striking, but buyers need to put their comfort first when buying these rings. For instance, it’s a myth that women who work outdoors cannot enjoy Sapphire rings as they are too heavy. Sapphire rings with lower settings work wonders even for people who have to do the heavy lifting. Experienced jewelers can also add diamond halos around your precious Sapphire stone, securing it so that you can move freely while still feeling beautiful. Another underrated aspect of purchasing Sapphire is durability. Yes, Sapphires are just as durable as Diamonds, but users need to walk the extra mile protect them.

Sapphires Offer Diamond Durability

Sapphire rings do last for long periods without looking dull, but wearing these rings frequently is not advisable. Users must take off their Sapphire rings while working with chemicals (e.g., laundry work) or while gardening as you don’t want the centerpiece to get loose. To maintain that perfect blue color, purchase classic sapphire ring designs. These designs work, and although modern ring designs are appealing, the classic ones come with a promise of extended life expectancy.

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