The right Massage As Per the requirement

Report to the masseur what you care about most. Do you prefer a gentle relaxing massage or a strong massage that you will feel long after? Should it focus especially on the shoulders or loins? You can visit  for the best choices. There you can have all the massage options for you. There you can get the best bit. Exceptional options for you are there.

Report any discomfort

Report any discomfort immediately.

  • Is the pressure too strong?
  • Or maybe too weak?
  • Tickles?
  • Or maybe it hurts?
  • It annoys you that some movements are kind of broken, and you would like them to be pulled to the end of the body section?
  • Do you prefer slower or faster moves?
  • Or maybe your feet are cold, or too hot under the blanket?
  • Maybe you don’t like the smell of massage oil or the scented fireplace?
  • Or music irritating you?
  • Maybe you need silence this time, not a conversation?

Disgust, it’s supposed to be good for you.

Say what you like

Reporting what you like is also welcome. This is important feedback for a masseur who wants you to feel the best. Such information will help him make the treatment better suited to your needs and preferences. Say that the strength is right, that you like the smell.

Especially if the patient comes to him for the first time

There are plenty of offers with massage, however, if you do not want to risk your own health, you should prepare for such a visit very carefully. Massage is like acupuncture, one incorrect movement is enough, and the consequences can be very serious.

Don’t get up suddenly after the massage

After the massage, don’t get up abruptly, but lie on the table for a while, if the masseur gives you time. When you are ready to go out, slowly turn to the side, push your hands away from the bed, lowering the drumsticks off the edge of the table and move to the seat. In this position, wait a little longer and check if you feel dizzy, have no darkness in your eyes or do not get hot. This is a normal reaction after lying down for a long time. Only when you decide that everything is OK, slowly get off the massage table. However, if you feel insecure, ask a masseur for help.

Give yourself time to come back to reality

After the massage, rest for a while in the waiting room / cloakroom / relaxation area. Ask for (or pour) a glass of drinking water. Breathe deeply, wait for the body to return to its temperature. Let your head and body gently return to reality.

There are no two the same massages. The human body changes under the influence of sensory stimuli. Sensitivity, muscle tone and general well-being change. However, it is important that your first treatment is a nice memory for you. I think that with these tips, it will be so.

  • Did this text dispel any of your doubts?
  • Let me know if your first massage is yet to come or are you a regular?

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