Truest  Choices for the Essential Car Stereo

Incredibly, the same owners who put extremely heavy speakers in their vehicles are mostly the same ones who put the car down, “cutting” or “adapting” the bumpers. If you have more weight in your vehicle, you will need a better shock, not a smaller one. The result of a lowered car, even when there is no extra speaker weight, is a much more expensive bill at the mechanic. The use of the car stereo choice is perfect there.

If Brazil had regular, well-maintained roads, the lowered car might even be acceptable. But it is not the reality of our country. Lowered cars, generally, only serve for competitions, because of the aerodynamic improvement. Roads, streets and avenues are not competition tracks for you to drag your floor for nothing. Here’s the tip.

Learn from the best in the business to tune your car

Even mechanics and engineers with years of education spend hours, maybe days, studying how to modify a car. Have you seen the program “Pimp My Ride”? On the first day the car is with them, they spend hours planning the modifications. This is because it is a complete team, with a specialist for each part of the vehicle, from bodywork to the electrical part. A tuning enthusiast who is not an expert and does not have a team has two options: outsource the tuning service or invest time and studies to do the project himself. In either case, the money invested will be high.

  • Because of the high investment in tuning, the vast majority of experts suggest that the enthusiast choose to tune a classic vehicle or at least one car from 2.0. Popular vehicles, in addition to having complicated mechanics and engineering to accept modifications, will have a very rapid devaluation, and give many headaches due to the quality of the original parts. After all, practically everything in the popular car, in a well done tuning, will have to be replaced. Or you risk defects after they make you spend more money once again.

If you want to learn about tuning, buy specialized magazines. Take courses, workshops. Watch documentaries, series, and movies about possible modifications. Buy books about cars and art, books about making color combinations. By learning the basics, you can do something exotic that will have some value.

About car stereo, a piece of advice:

There are specific encounters for these sound walls. Go to one of them and talk to the professionals. Many cars with sound walls are not allowed to wheel on the street. Others don’t even turn the sound off of events. Respect is good and everyone likes. You can love your tuned car without sound. But love for you, because the rest of the world often prefers silence.

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