What Choices You Can Have for the Best Messages Now

Gentle strokes and rubbing relieve fatigue and swelling of the legs. Exposure to bioactive points reduces headache and stabilizes blood pressure. As a result, sleep improves and the emotional background normalizes. At the Massage québec you can find the best options now. This is the reason that you can go for the finest options now.

The program “SPA ritual for feet” includes:

  • Mineral water bath
  • Sea salt scrub
  • Moisturizing mask

Foot massage

A bath of mineral water softens the skin before basic procedures. Also, it allows the legs to relax and prepare for peeling.

A scrub with sea salt gently but actively removes all dead particles from the surface of the skin, removes impurities and makes the feet smooth and clean.

Like a baby, in general

Moisturizing foot mask nourishes the skin with beneficial substances, nourishes and renews it. Thanks to the mask, your legs will look neat, delicate and well-groomed.

Foot massage is done using eucalyptus oil, which has a bactericidal and refreshing effect. Massage relieves fatigue and swelling, triggers metabolic processes throughout the body and establishes an emotional background.

It is recommended to visit the SPA ritual for feet after long walks, exhausting workouts and after long work on the feet.

Results after the “SPA ritual for feet” program:

  • Immunity increase
  • Acceleration of metabolism and metabolic processes
  • Positive effects on the nervous system
  • Improving sleep quality and relieving stress
  • Pressure normalizes
  • General health improvement

“SPA ritual for feet” is a relaxing, useful and insanely pleasant procedure that gives lightness and energy. You will feel the effect immediately after the procedure and begin to treat your legs with more care and attention – after all, it is on the feet that the mini-map of our body is located.

If you want to lose weight in order to proudly defile on the beach in a bikini, or it is important for you to be in shape at any time of the year – the Express Slim Care program was created just for you.

It includes:

  • 60 minutes of anti-cellulite massage
  • 30 minutes spice wraps

These procedures in combination give an amazing effect. Anti-cellulite massage helps to get rid of such an unaesthetic problem as “orange peel”, and contributes to the rapid burning of fat.

As a result of massage:

  • Excess fluid and stagnation leave the body
  • Muscles come in tone.
  • Cell regeneration is activated and blood circulation improves.
  • The skin is smoothed and healed

Body volume decreases

Spice wrap secures the effect of anti-cellulite massage. Spices used during the procedure perfectly tone the skin and help burn excess fat. And natural aromas and a relaxing atmosphere will help to forget about the everyday bustle and take the time for yourself.

Thanks to the Express Slim Care SPA program, you will become much closer to your dream figure, and in addition you will get toned and beautiful skin. Anti-cellulite massage acts as a passive training, so it is quite possible to replace a trip to the gym, or to combine these two activities.

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