What is a contact lens? What are its uses?

There are millions and millions of people around the world who are wearing contact lenses each day. We might not even be knowing that they are wearing contact lenses but they do and the best part? They are invisible!

Many people do not prefer wearing spectacles as they think that it might not look good on them. Many people avoid wearing spectacles as spectacles need intensive care which they cannot give as they might not have time to clean the lenses each day and keep it a proper place to make sure they do not break. And that is mainly the reason, why many people switch to contact lenses as you do not need to care much about it and the best part being its invisibility.

A contact lens is a lens which is worn in your eye to correct the power of your myopic or hypermetropia eye. The lens is transparent and clear naturally. Contact lenses are worn by people whose vision is not perfectly clear and they either have a blurry vision in short-sightedness orfar-sightedness.

The contact lenses are not anything new in the market or anything but it has a history dating back from the 19th century. Contact lenses are of 5 types depending upon the material which is used- GP, Hybrid, PMMA, Silicone Hydrogel, Hydrogel.

There are not just contact lenses which are worn for vision correction but people specifically buy zero power contact lenses with different colours for their cosmetic purposes. Many women prefer buying colourful contact lenses to enhance their beauty. Colourful contact lenses are available in all sorts of colours such as red, blue, green, yellow, white, orange and customised colours as well.

All you need to know about Sclera lenses-

Then there are sclera lenses, which are usually large in diameter and are of the form RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable). Sclera lenses improve the optical performance by increasing the lens comfort and by correcting the ocular aberrations.

Important points to keep in mind for contact lenses

Contact lenses should be bought only from a legitimate place as the eye is one such organ, if it gets damaged, then you will have to bear the consequences for your entire life and has a risk of losing vision if not bought from a proper place which is certified.

Contact lenses should be taken care of very nicely as they are very delicate. Contact lenses which are manufactured by the company usually prescribe for a certain time after which the contact lens will tear and will have to be replaced by a completely new set. Some lenses have a time period of a day, some have for 6 months and some even have for a year.

There are certain ways which you need to follow while handling contact lenses. You should always wash your hands and with dry hands remove or insert the lens. You should remove your contact lenses if you feel uneasy or experience discomfort in the eye. You should always keep a pair of spectacles in handy as you may feel the need of it anytime