What is the best way to clean the inside of a clutch purse

Are you constantly looking for a particular item and can’t put your hands on it when you need it? Lipstick, pens, cell phones and many other items tend to get lost at the bottom of a handbag and keep you searching and frustrated. Do you take the time to clean the inside and outside of your clutch purse?

Doing so will improve your appearance and make your everyday life simpler and easier. Follow these four easy steps and you will have a clean, organized handbag in a flash!

  1. Empty the contents of your bag and discard the trash.

Remove all the contents from your handbag. Throw away the trash. Make a pile of items that need to be filed or put away; items you don’t need to carry in your bag anymore. At this point try to minimize what you are going to put back into your handbag. The fewer items you put back in the better. Try to carry only the necessary essentials which will make your handbag lighter and easier to carry.

  1. Clean the inside and outside of the bag.

Always follow the manufacturer instructions for cleaning your handbag. Designer and vintage handbags should be cleaned with care. The instructions below are generic.

Shake out any loose dirt from the inside liner by turning the bag inside out (if possible). Wipe the inside liner off with a dry cloth to remove any remaining residue. Turn the bag right side out. With a damp cloth, wipe off the outside of your bag, placing special attention on the bottom of the purse and on the handles, which both tend to accumulate more grime. Gently wipe the outside dry with a soft cloth. If the material of the handbag is cloth you will need to spot clean it only. Again, please follow the manufacturer instructions for your specific handbag.

  1. Group like items and put them into a evening purse or zippered pouches.

Once your items are grouped accordingly it is time for the real organization to start. You will need either a purse organizer insert or several zippered pouches to get started. Purse organizer inserts have pockets and dividers for all your items and make the job easier. They are an inexpensive investment that will save you time and energy in the long run. However, if you don’t have a handbag organizer, several zippered cosmetic pouches will work. If you are using zippered pouches, simply group like items into the same pouch. Organize your items so that they can easily be found.

  1. Load the handbag organizer insert or zippered pouches into your clean clutch bag and enjoy!

In four easy steps you have cleaned and organized your handbag. The key to keeping it organized is to be sure to put items back in their place after using them. If you throw items back in your handbag without putting them in their designated place you will wind up with a disorganized handbag again soon. You will also need to periodically clean out any trash and wipe the inside and outside of your bag.

Enjoy being able to easily place your hand on your ringing cell phone, keys or that tube of lipstick you need. An organized handbag makes life better!

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Hopefully these cleaning tips will get your fashion bags looking like new once again. If they do not work then it is probably time to go to a professional. You could even call the store your purchased the purse from and see if they will completely refurbish the purse for you, which does cost a lot, but it may be worth it to you. Make cleaning your designer fashion bags a habit and you could sell them in future as well.

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