Exploring Queen Alba’s Unique Path of Part-Time Work

The concept of part-time work is becoming increasingly popular, with many people choosing to work flexible hours that fit around their personal lives. However, have you ever heard of a queen that works part-time? Well, Queen Alba of Spain has turned heads with her surprising decision. After her husband, King Felipe VI, was crowned in 2014, she surprised everyone by continuing to work her part-time job. In this blog post, we explore the fascinating story of Queen Alba (퀸알바) and her part-time job.

Queen Alba’s part-time job is not just any ordinary job, but it’s a job that is close to her heart. Before marrying King Felipe VI, she was a successful journalist and news anchor, and even after becoming the Queen, she didn’t give up on her passion. She chose to continue working with the Spanish EFE news agency and currently acts as its executive director. The Spanish people have been impressed by Queen Alba’s dedication to her job, and she has become a much-loved figure throughout Spain.

Queen Alba’s job involves overseeing news and content production and coordinating with over 40 news bureaus worldwide. She works in her office in the Zarzuela Palace, the official residence of the royal family in Madrid. With her job, Queen Alba aims to bridge the gap between journalism and the royal family by helping to publish stories about the royal family that are accurate, informative, and timely. Her work has helped improve the public perception of the Spanish monarchy and contributed to its popularity.

The part-time job of Queen Alba proved to be particularly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic when her real-time access to information at the EFE news agency allowed her to keep the country updated. She played a crucial role in keeping people informed and making sure the Spanish monarchy could address the people’s needs in time of crisis. Queen Alba’s hard work and dedication to her part-time job have paid off in many respects.

Aside from her part-time job, Queen Alba is also a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. She has 2 daughters and a son and often accompanies her husband on international trips and official engagements. Despite her busy schedule, Queen Alba always finds time to spend with her family. Her down-to-earth personality and professional work ethic have earned her the respect and admiration of the Spanish people and people worldwide.


Queen Alba’s part-time job is a symbol of royal modernity, which has challenged the norms of traditional monarchy. She is a pioneer among royal working women, proving that it is possible to balance a royal duty with a professional career. Her work has brought her closer to the Spanish people, helped improve the public perception of the Spanish monarchy, and has made her a relatable figure, not just a queen. Queen Alba has proved that a professional career doesn’t have to end with the title of queen, and we can only hope that her example inspires more women, whether they are royal or not, to follow their passions and realize their dreams.

Leonel Thompson

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